Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back at my blogging - Family Portland Trip

Hi everyone! Sorry I was MIA for awhile, was on small vacation trips and working a lot! Now I'll try to blog a few times a week! I still have lots of Hello Kitty to showcase off!

I recently went to Portland for a family trip, and I found myself taking lots of pictures of Hello Kitty! In Washington Square they have a Sanrio store, which I found last summer, and every time I go, I try to emphasize to the saleperson that I'm from out of town and that I loveeeeee Hello Kitty! So, if I persist enough, they usually give me this gift (that's supposed to be with $50 purchase) or a gift bag with small goodies! This time I got 2 pink satin Hello Kitty Bags! All I bought there was a pencil and a Hello Kitty charm with my year of birth engraved in the back! That's pretty sentimental :)

Sanrio store in Washington Square Mall

 Hello Kitty Charm 1990

There was a Vans store and they were carrying their new hello kitty line!
The University of Oregon had merchandise stores in the various malls we went to, and to my surprise... they had Hello Kitty Shirts! Now these are REAL Oregon souvenirs! I wanted to buy ALL OF THEM! but they were pricey. $28 a shirt.... I got really good deals from Hot Topic that I'll mention after these:

 At Macy's they had a whole kid section of Hello Kitty Clothing! 

Now on to the deals at Hot Topic. So Hot Topic was having a "Hot Mess Clearance Sale" so they had old tees and merchandise for $10 or less! The new stuff were on sale too, but those were just buy one get one half off. Anyways I took the time to look through the many boxes of clearance items and circle racks of tees to find... only 2 $5 Hello Kitty tees left! There were also others like the Hello Kitty earmuffs and a change purse, but I already have the earmuffs and the change purse was dirty. Oh I also got 1 beach towel and a beach towel poncho! Those were $10 each! What a deal!

The one on the right is a 50th anniversary tee! Finally! Something with Keroppi! As a child, I've always had a secret love for Keroppi <3

Now I have 2 Hello Kitty Towels and a super cute Poncho!

Well that is all I have now, but if you every get a chance to go down to Portland, head over to Washington Square Mall for the Ducks store, Sanrio store, and Hot Topic! There's also a Spencer's right beside the Sanrio store, there's always interesting stuff in there ;)
There was also a few Hello Kitty merchandise stores in Clackamas Town Center plus another Hot Topic!

That's all for now! Have a great Wednesday everyone and enjoy the awesome summer weather!